Kohai families have great things to say about our programming and approach! Offering our participants engaging activities with peers, practical life skills and workplace training along with support and respite services, we work closely with families to ensure success. 

We want to thank you for your incredible patience and more importantly, for the unbelievable difference Kohai has made in Rachel’s life over the past years.
— Lorne and Julia
Our son, Matthew, looks forward to every day at Kohai. The skills he has learned at Kohai have been invaluable. Our family is now able to dine in a restaurant, go to a movie and even travel. Our family is grateful to the dedicated staff at Kohai.
— Brad and Kathy
Eleanor attends the senior programme at Kohai, designed for adults. This has been a lifesaver as she is encouraged to read and write, to hold conversations and to perfect her knowledge of the daily routines of living. Without Kohai and its excellent staff and the long years of patient teaching, Eleanor would not be the mature adult she is today, capable of living on her own, with support.
— Madelyn and Bill Dick