At Kohai, learning goes beyond the classroom.

Kohai Plus offers year-round extracurricular and in-school programming to enhance the learning experience of our students. We foster a community where students are eager to join in extracurricular activities with their friends and classmates. Sessions are available during evenings, weekends and throughout the summer. Kohai Plus programmes include:


Academic tutoring in a 1 to 1 IBI format to develop skills for use in the classroom

Year-round tutoring to maintain skills learned in the classroom

Occupational therapy

Life Skills Training

Life Skills courses are designed to teach students skills required for independent living. Sessions are available year-round in 1 to 1 or group formats. Topics include:

Cooking and grocery shopping

Money management, banking and debit card skills

Home maintenance skills including laundry and cleaning

Route planning and public transit travel

Best Buddies

We are a member of this international organization that pairs our teenaged group with students from a local high school for group outings.

After School Club

Themed sessions run during the school year. Past themes have included:

Art, music, cooking, phys-ed, dance and board games

Kohai Summer Day Camp

Running for one session following the end of the school year, our full-day camp offers a range of fun summer activities that include field trips, sports, games, technology, music, art and life skills training.

Student Life at Kohai

We’re a small, friendly school with a lot going on! In addition to the offering of our Kohai Plus programme, we have many activities on the go. Student, alumni and family dances keep everyone moving and connect past students with the Kohai community. Each spring we hold an annual concert where our students perform and show off their skills learned in music class. We offer daily care after school for students until 5 pm featuring games, music and art activities. The Kohai Parents Association organizes dinners and outing to the movies, local swimming pool and bowling alley for students and their families. We participate in Canada Sports Day, go ice skating and downhill skiing and spend time at our local park, seasonally.